Emerald Geneva App Reviews

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Absolutely beautiful. I use this a lot, as a professional astronomer and for my own interest.

Best Watch Ever!

I wish I could strap the Geneva to my wrist, but having it on my iPhone (for free!) is good enough.

Cool Stuff.

This is the essential tool kit for time. Kinda on the “BUSY” side, as it’s presented as a “watch”, but all good info and pretty too.


FIRST CLASS!!! worth buying the iphone just for this app. well played!


A real winner for any watch collector, or anyone who needs to set the time regularly. Many advanced horological functions, including moon phase and sidereal time! There are not a lot of watches you can't set completely with this brilliant app.

A work of art!

This is a great design with the complexity that rivals the real thing. Great job!

Outstanding Go To for Watch Collectors

This amazing app allows you to accurately adjust all of your time pieces to the correct time and does so much more-check it out, it's free.

Very cool

Since I can't afford a real watch like this, this free app is simply amazing, and I'm learning more about time telling. I really enjoy this app. A*

Very good, but...

…the instructions are not what they should be for this good-looking and complex timekeeper. I'm still tapping around to see what's what after reading the 'destructions.' Where do you find "Set to current?"


This is one of my favorite apps. First, visually it is a beautiful timepiece, reminiscent of a watch that would cost six figures. It has superb sub-second accuracy. For astronomy enthusiasts, it has everything you need for timing your viewing of the sky. All the dials and indicators are explained.

I Enjoy It

I suppose a complex virtual wristwatch is really a toy, but I get a lot of pleasure from looking at it. I disable the lock screen so I can watch it when I am keeping track of the time. It's super accurate. I wish I had sprung for Emerald Chronometer which has Geneva and fifteen more watch faces. Eventually I will.

Beautiful Timepiece

I love this app! It is fascinating to watch! This company has another app that is about a dollar more... I'm buying it!

Gives you all the time in the World!

Awesome presentation! And the amount of information about time, astronomy, astrology.... The list just goes on and on. The thing I like best about this app is that it encourages you to learn something new. The in app help is very detailed with links to wikipedia that will have you spending hours reading and learning! And it's fun. This is the kind of app that all other apps should aspire to be, useful, challenging and makes learning fun.

Too Cool

I don't begin to understand all the thugs this little app does, but it is just so fascinating, not to mention informative. Brilliant!


I'm throwing out my wristwatch. This one has it and does it all wonderfully!

Simply magnificent.

Emerald Geneva is by far the most interesting and accurate iPhone app of its kind available. Truly impressive.

The graphic is fantastic on Retina Display in new update!

The watch is very nice and shows lots of information and have plenty of controls hidden in the analog view. In new update, the graphic is high-resolution and the watch is fantastic on retina display of iPhone 4. I suggest adding a page that shows the handful information of the analog watch in text.

amazing watch

Simply amazing for people who are interested in astronomical clocks. For $0.99, it is a sidereal deal.

EPIC watch app! If you want an accurate analog watch/clock app this is the one to get

This app is simply amazing. I'm a watch geek and I like to keep my collection set to the second, or at least check them when I put one on in the morning if I don't set it. Up until now I was using my iPhone clock with a simple clock app to set the time. I was starting to get upset with all my watches because they were gaining or losing time almost every time I checked them. Something wasn't right! I realized that even though the iPhone automatically synchronizes to the cell phone tower that clock in the AT$T tower can be seconds or even MINUTES off. They don't bother to keep them accurate because it isn't worth it to them to bother. Frankly, they just don't give a frak. I was using the free Emerald Time app to check the iPhone for accuracy but it is harder to set a watch when you have to convert a number to a second-hand's movement. You really need to have both clocks be analog to do it quickly and easily. Unfortunately Emerald Time does not have an analog face -only a digital one. This app is worth it just for the analog clock face but it does SO MUCH MORE. It's just simply amazing. The only thing I could ask is an option to switch the second hand from a smooth sweep to a 1/sec tick which would make it easier to set my watches that have that -although the smooth sweep is better for setting the Rolly. An option to change back and forth would be nice! I'll give it a 4.9 star and round it up as it isn't a BIG deal. Oh, and maybe make the second hand a little easier to see in "night" mode. Those two would be nice, though, as updates in the future... Can't think of anything else to add other than the impossible wish that the app could actually "fix" the wrong iPhone time :( Boo on the apple side for that FAIL. Can't blame the developers for the rules they must labor under and the limitations of the phone itself -or at least the way it is locked up. This app probably does half a million things that I've not even figured out yet!


This is an absolutely amazing time keeper! It has every complication you could imagine and then some. I would have given it a perfect score for it's accuracy and features but had to deduct a star because some of the features are small and difficult to read. If you are a fanatic about watches and time in general, this app will not disappoint. I find myself studying and referring back to the many functions continuously throughout the day. I'm very happy with it.


So much info on one watch. I was happy to pay just because I now have access to accurate NTP time.

At Last! A Geeky but Cool Wristwatch!

For years, I've desired a wristwatch that would show sidereal (star) time. Such watches are very rare and expensive, and have the disadvantage that, if you're wearing one, then you don't have your regular watch for ordinary civil time. (You could wear two watches, regular and sidereal, one on each wrist, or else two on one wrist--but in either of those cases, forget about ever getting a date for the rest of your life; dual-capability watches are currently unavailable, as far as I can tell). So I was intrigued when I found this app. I was leery at first, but after I used it I discovered that it's just what I was looking for. It shows sidereal time, Sun and moon positions, and so forth, just as if it were a very high-end mechanical watch costing thousands of dollars. In fact, it does a number of things that would be impossible to build into any physically realizable mechanical watch. You have to use it to believe how geekily cool it is. Since it's on my iPhone, I've always got it with me just as if it were a wristwatch (or more accurately a pocket-watch), with an immediately available display that's actually bigger and easier to read (including in darkness) than any actual wristwatch display would be. You can have your cake and eat it too, with this app: Satisfy your Inner Geek by keeping this discreetly on your iPhone, and still have a decently good chance of getting a date with some nice girl.

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